My Mind Forest

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My Mind Forest

Hello There!

Welcome to My Mind Forest! I’m Jay Chakkapong, a financial advisor and a tarot reader. 😲 Quite a strange combination, right? But that's me!

This is my public notebook where I put ideas I found interesting in my own words.

These notes are my thoughts. It's raw, and it's developing. So, It's fine if you disagree with what I shared but I want to hear your thoughts so contact me.

What Is "My Mind Forest"?

It's my public notebook which uses bi-directional links which allow you to track back to the pages that refer to the one you are reading. I share ideas from diverse topics ranging from finance to psychology, cryptocurrency to Buddhism, unconscious mind to productivity.

Why Creating "My Mind Forest"?

I believe just taking notes isn't enough. Generating new ideas from it requires threating thoughts together. And that's why bi-directional links shines. This process is what Conor White-Sullivan called "idea sex".

Way to connect me?

I’m not a social media person; but I use twitter.

I love meeting new people so if you want to say hi, have any questions or want to discuss ideas, you're welcome! DM me!

Disclaimer: I'm not an experts; I'm just a curious learner.